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Peaceful Mind Time

What is The Peaceful Mind Project?

Join The Peaceful Mind Project Movement

Join over 4000’s in a closed community of likemineded people all moving toward a more peaceful mind and deeper connection with ourselves. There is daily posts, free webinars, journey and other free content.  We believe having a deeper connection to yourself is the answer to EVERYTHING, even the questions you don’t know you have. 

Book a time for a FREE chat

You have come to this page for a reason. I want to connect with you to hear what that is. In this 20 min breakthrough session I will help you achieve clarity on what you want and this is the most important first step you can take. You will go away from our chat with real steps you can implement immediately.  I look forward to connecting with you. 


The Peaceful Mind Project Set Of Rules For Life

Follow this philosophy and the 15 promises to yourself and others to be well on your way.

The Peaceful Mind Project Manifesto

Find a statement that suits you today and live by it.  Comment under the Manifesto and share your thoughts

Share This Movement With Others

Spread the word to others who may like to create a peaceful mind for themselves or their family.  Copy the URL – and post it on your social media or share with friends.  We need a critical number of people creating a peaceful mind so it spreads to EVERYONE in the world.  How good woul that be.